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Smarter Decisions, Faster using Berrijam AI 

AI is changing the world, and organizations that successfully incorporate AI tools and capabilities have a strategic advantage. Yet cultivating the right mindsets, strategies and empowering teams to use AI for better decisions faster takes work. Having built, launched and guided many of the globally leading organizations to adopt AI successfully, shows how Berrijam AI empowers non-data scientists to make smarter decisions faster.

Generative AI - Its potential and pitfalls

Generative AI has 'generated' (pun intended) a lot of excitement and apprehension. But what is Generative AI, and how does it complement other AI techniques? What are its possibilities and limitations? In this session, I walk through some of the fundamentals of AI, where Generative AI fits, applications and risks around using Generative AI effectively.

Success with AI in Retail, Lumber, Movies and more

What do a retail store, lumber producer, and video streaming have in common? All three use AI to enhance customer experience and grow their revenues. Irrespective of the industry and domain, certain mindsets and behaviours are crucial to success with AI. In this talk, I share the lessons that have led to success with specific real-world examples from AmazonGo, a lumber producer & Amazon Prime Video.

Democratizing Artificial Intelligence 

 An extended conversation with Eddie Avil from 'The ONE's Changing The WORLD' on variety of topics including Data Science, AI, GTP3, key-elements to delver on AI, AmazonGo, Deep Learning for Recommendations, and building an equitable and inclusive platform for innovation.

How to deliver on Data Science

Delivering on the promise of data science to unlock new business value is more about culture, processes and empowerment, rather than data, algorithms or technology. 

AI & ML - Lessons and Opportunities

Applying data science in business context involves working backwards from the customer or business outcome, challenging tradition, avoiding fashion and getting your solution to production as soon as possible.

Link to video on AI & ML

Plant Science & Big Data

Shortening experimentation cycles dramatically scales up the potential to innovate and increase agricultural yields. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) is looking at using Cloud Computing platforms to facilitate collaboration and scaling up Big Data plant science analytics.

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